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Paul Tatarsky, Operator

Paul Tatarsky

Education: Received bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics/Computer Science, May 1989 from Harvey Mudd College (Claremont, CA). Undergraduate research included project for the Aerospace Corporation designing a database for a satellite design expert system.

Employment Record:

September 2001 to June 2021: Independent Security and Systems Consultant. Projects include:

  • Security consultant to government and corporations on product, network, and internal security problems and applications. References available. Projects are not listed.
  • Implemented further IDS coverage at University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) to improve automated worm outbreak response.
  • Training DOE and DOD personnel on internal IDS product (NIDS) at 5 day training classes on semi-regular basis.
  • Snort, DEMARC, Hogwash, and ACID software research and development to improve the performance and power of these open source IDS tools. Created auto-installing appliance CDROM for those products based on a FreeBSD operating system.
  • Systems integration work with Affymetrix corporation on their compute cluster and storage area network. Troubleshoot and resolve system issues.
  • Contract systems and network administration support at the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences Division at University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • Community service work for local grade school. Systems upgraded, FreeBSD server installed, network rebuilt.
April 2000 to May 2010: Consultant to Howard Hughes Medical Institute funded Human Genome Project at UCSC Center for Biomolecular Science & Engineering . Projects include:
  • Design work for next cluster targeted at 5000 CPUs
  • Support and maintenance contract for Genome cluster
  • Design work and assistance in building new 1028 processor cluster. Used rackmounted Linux compute nodes with automated PXE/Kickstart installation procedure to roll out whole racks at a time. Cfengine used to automate maintenance. Gridware used for scheduler software.
  • Operational support for Genome Browser web site
April 2005 to April 2008 : Berbee Information Networks, Madison, WI. Network Security Engineer. Projects include:
  • Perform security assessments of internal and Internet security for multiple customers.
  • Implement improved security configurations for various platforms
  • Respond to compromises and intrusions
  • Deploy firewall improvements for customers
  • Contribute to some open source security assessment tools
September 2000 to September 2001: Berbee Information Networks, Madison, WI. Network Security Engineer. Projects include:
  • Projects at three large Midwest companies to roll out intrusion detection systems. Product was CISCO Secure IDS (Netranger) used in conjunction with open source monitoring systems to provide additional context and forensics.
  • Performed assessments of internal and Internet security for multiple customers.
  • Emergency security incident response and forensic work for multiple customers.
  • Research and development efforts on a high speed Intrusion detection system capable of monitoring large traffic switch cores such as ISPs.
December 1999 to September 2000: CounterSign Software, Pleasanton, CA. Senior Security Engineer. Projects include:
  • Providing testing and validation of company developed host based intrusion detection software. Provided real world examples of tools operation against common attack methods.
  • Supporting roll out efforts of product at U.S. DOE sites nationwide. Conducted multiple security training courses and current intrusion methods seminars.
  • Research into latest open source efforts at intrusion detection including the Snort lightweight intrusion detection tool.
  • Provided intrusion forensics and intruder detection/extraction services for customers. Security improvement services including system hardening, Ssh installation, and TCPwrapper configuration.
July 1999 to December 1999: University of California, Santa Cruz, Network Security Manager for UCSC. Projects include:
  • Campus network vulnerability scanning software implemented and customized to local needs. Reduced number of remotely root exploitable systems from over 100 to zero (at least for that period). Provided weekly vulnerability reports to campus system admins and provided consulting and bulletins on security improvements for over 3000 campus computer systems.
  • Designed firewall system for campus business systems. Implementation delayed due to roll out timing issues. CISCO PIX unit selected for long term support reasons.
  • Researched IPSEC VPN solutions for campus and PKI strategies for future direction
  • Demonstrated serious problems in campus business systems security through monthly audit efforts. Compromised several major business and research systems and provided information on methods to local administrators.
July 1997 to July 1999: University of California, Santa Cruz, Senior System Manager for School of Engineering. Projects include:
  • Security administrator for departments computing environment. Implemented intrusion detection systems, developed user login tracking and analysis system, developed file signature scanning system to prevent compromise, secured all operating systems using automated vendor patch checking, controlled network access with firewall and host level tools, implemented regular password cracking for weak passwords, and offered encrypted communications between systems (Ssh)
  • Tracked all security incidents and interacted with external security organizations including major ISP security groups, CERT, Bugtraq, and the FBI when situation warranted it. Several external account closures and one prosecution pending as a result of security efforts.
  • Improved security of department email server and implemented anti-Spam software to control unwanted email. Propagated design of server and filters to other departments on campus.
  • Managed a team of four administrators to handle all system and user requests for 250 systems of various UNIX operating systems and Windows NT. User base consists of 300 faculty and graduate students in the School of Engineering.
  • Project manager for network redesign for department. Implemented new wiring scheme and fully switched Ethernet backbone on CISCO gear. Upgraded all shared segments to switched networking.
  • Automated installation servers setup for major operating systems including Windows NT. Goal is to reduce setup time and admin time for new systems to almost no time at all.
  • System monitoring and management software developed to provide advance warning of system and network problems. System is completely customized to support a variety of trouble areas. System has web front end to allow viewing from anywhere.
  • Mobile networking research on laptop and Palm Pilot platforms to allow greater remote administration abilities. Various wireless technologies experimented with.
November 1996 to July 1997: Division of Continuing Education, Marquette University (Milwaukee, WI).
  • Instructor for Introduction to Internet Security and Advanced Internet Security for the Webmaster certificate at MU. Class details the risks of Internet access and options for protection including packet filters, proxies, and host level security.
September 1995 to July 1997: Marquette Medical Systems (Milwaukee, WI). Systems manager for the Cardiology division. Projects include:
  • Redesign of division networking from older shared coaxial Ethernet to switched 10/100 Mbs Ethernet over Category 5 twisted pair networking technology.
  • Improved UNIX, NT and Novell fileserver platforms through upgrade of hardware and software to stable levels. Pushed for all server platforms to implement RAID 5 disk storage to improve reliability where write performance is not an issue.
  • Improved NT networking by configuring a central NT Primary Domain Controller with Backup Domain Controllers. Trust relationships with other divisions established for sharing. Maintain WINS and DHCP servers for improved cross network browsing and configuration management.
  • Improved Sun Solaris networking by configuring a central NIS+ and DNS domain for the division.
  • Installed central backup server using DLT tape jukebox and Legato software. Unit backs up all UNIX, NT and Novell systems in the division.
  • Supported ISDN network throughout the world to connect customer platforms to field service.
December 1994 to September 1995: Integrated Systems Corporation (Milwaukee, WI). Systems consultant for a variety of clients in the Wisconsin area, including:
  • Marquette Medical Systems: system administration consultant to the MARS project. Assisted with creation of automated installation procedure and configuration of MARS software on Sun Solaris.
  • ATI/Mattson Instruments (Madison, WI): installation of Internet firewall for desktop use of Internet. Microsoft Mail system configured for corporate and Internet email.
  • Onieda Nation (Green Bay, WI): installation of Internet firewall and corporate email system.
April 1994 to December 1994: Compuware Corporation, Milwaukee, WI. Systems consultant for one project with Strong Funds, Menomonee Falls, WI. Project was to design and implement a online billing system. Technology involved was UNIFACE front end interface with Sybase back end.
April 1991 to April 1994: University of California, Santa Cruz. On team of system managers for Computer Information Sciences and Computer Engineering Department. Team also provided service for the Math, Physics, Chemistry, Marine Science and Earth Science department UNIX systems.
  • Manage the department's central fileserver. Responsible for user and project file system that serves the departments 150 workstations.
  • System manager for a mixed environment of Sun, Silicon Graphics, Digital, IBM and HP Unix systems. Perform all configuration, troubleshooting and development tools support .
  • Coordinate integration tasks with system management team. All systems access central file systems, common NIS databases, central DNS, shared mail spools, and printer services.
December 1989 to April 1991: Digital Sound Corporation (Santa Barbara, CA) Part of four man MIS team that moved the corporation to new office site, built a 200 node twisted pair Ethernet network, and supported 100 engineering UNIX systems and 80 business systems.


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