Motto recalled for safety reasons

CEO Leaves Sunroof Open on Drive Home. Giant Lizard Captured on Film.
On a recent return from a customer site, the CEO was not pleased when an errant gust of wind apparently blew in a Komodo dragon from one of the surrounding fields.
The CEO outraged once again at the unsafe nature of raising Komodo dragons in non-native habitats was heard to scream "I warned them!" before careening off the road into a ditch.

To Recreate the precise shock of having a Komodo Dragon blow through your sunroof and land on your dashboard (while driving) do the following:

  • Recreate the sense of speed using a common household fan set on high
  • Click the peaceful driving image
  • Poke yourself with a sharp object repeatably (to simulate the biting action of the dragon) while hurling your chair backwards into the wall.
The CEO is recovering nicely from the venom and injuries. The sock puppet is currently acting CEO.
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